Fizzy Bath Salt
Fizzy Bath Salt
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Fizzy Bath Salt

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These adorable Fizzy Bath Salts are designed to provide a spa ultimate experience.

100% Handmade Natural Ingrediencies. ❀ Essential oils ❀ Eco friendly, earth friendly, better world ingredients
Our products have no sulfates, parabens, petroleum products. ❀ Absolute Animal Cruelty Free

The scents available are :

❀ Peonies
❀ Rose
❀ Jasmine
❀ Vanilla + Rose
❀ Lavender
❀ Orange
❀ Lemon
❀ Grapefruit
❀ Mermaid "tropical"

❀ Tropical island
❀ Driftwood
❀ Beach Linen
❀ Candy

To use: Before adding the bath salts turn on the warm water in your tub. Then, using the wooden spoon provided, scoop out desired amount "2 cups max" into your tub or the cheesecloth bag "like a tea". Soak for 20 minutes to allow your body to relax and let the rich minerals soak away discomfort. Rinse off with water. To store and ensure optimum shelf life, keep your salts in a airtight, waterproof container and away from direct sunlight. IMPORTANT *Be careful when getting out of the bathtub since muscles my relax ***AVOID FACE*** Allergy Warning: Test the salt on a small spot of skin and stop using it if any irritation occurs.